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Our Services

Sino Analytical

Evaluate the results of your marketing strategies in the national press

Sino Blogs

Blogs monitoring that have relevance to the companies.

Sino Digital

Scanned articles and available in personalized electronic pages.

Sino Mail

It is sent rapidly and with efficiency to many registered email addresses.

Sino Measurement

The width calculation and value ensure the precise dimension of the publishing value.

Sino Print

Sector icon, Sino’s press clipping is still essential to many companies.

Sino Radio & TV

It is done the monitoring of the main TV channels and radio stations.

Sino Retroactive

It is done in the press and online Medias, filed for 90 days.

Sino Text

Clipping sent to smartphones with the fastest navigation of the market.

Sino Web

Done in gateways, news agencies, newspapers and magazines available in the Internet.

It Happens at Sino


“The service offered by Sino is efficient, fast and attends the expectations of our company. We have already tried similar ones but only Sino’s was good. Besides this, it has one of the best cost-benefit of the market.”

-- Cecília Schonenberg, Sócia-diretora, CW Consultoria de Comunicação
Sino Solution in Information