Sino arose in the market in 1970 and was the first media monitoring company founded in São Paulo. The new tool was soon adopted by executives seeking newspaper articles in the media about their companies or their interests, able to help in the daily decision-making processes.

As a result of the dedication of two journalists, the company quickly and efficiently processes information from more than 600,000 electronic media and more than 900 printed vehicles from all over Brazil, in addition to the country’s main TV and radio stations and the social networks of greater importance.

In this way, Sino is a reference in the monitoring and analysis of information and the services it offers are indispensable for the big companies of the country. Its leadership in the clipping market  is the result of a lot of work and continuous investments, besides the creation of new services. Still in the 1970s, Sino created the metric that is used to date for the measurement of advertising space on articles in newspapers and magazines. This metric has been used by several other clipping companies in the country.

Sino’s portfolio has strategic services for communication and marketing areas, in addition to the market intelligence areas of the companies. Currently, Sino is partnered with dozens of press offices that use monitoring to support their communication strategies with their clients.



Sino has the most complete structure in the market, made up of trained and qualified communication professionals. Through constant investments, it has the most advanced technological tools to guarantee to clients and partners services that are effective and tailored to the needs of each.

The goal is to ensure excellence in the customer service and in the offered services. In addition to trained human resources, Sino has the largest data center in the country, which guarantees the storage and flow of information of all the media in a fast and effective way, as well as the backup of all the content with extreme security. They are high-performance servers dedicated to the platforms developed by Sino.

Learn more about our Mission, Vision and Values

  • Mission


    Provide the best services of monitoring and analysis of information and to contribute to strengthen strategies of communication and marketing of the clients and partners from all sectors of the economy.

  • Vision


    Ensure excellence in services rendered and be a benchmark in the monitoring, analysis and compilation of information from various media, always with customized  customer service and models of platforms.

  • Values


    Invest in constant training of employees and new technologies, with ethics, social responsibility and focus on the improvement of human relations through the services offered.

    From the CEO

    From the CEO

    Sino has consolidated, over more than 48 years of history, as leader in the market of selection and measurement of news. That is why it is now synonymous with quality, innovation and business ethics.

    In support of this successful trajectory, Sino, one of the pioneers of the clipping market, left its first mark in the country when, in the 1970s, it created a method of classifying and calculating centimeters for the media. Today it is used all over Brazil and by several companies in the sector.

    Guided by the vanguard, it has been innovating over the years and deploying increasingly modern systems so that its customers can accurately track and evaluate the disclosure of brands, names and events in the media. And to improve with quality and to explore the opportunities with intelligence assured Sino the loyalty of many clients. Some have accompanied it since its foundation.

    Artur De Bernardis Filho – President